We Want Beautiful Shoes – Moving Out Sale 2015

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I last blogged here. So many great things have happened over the last 6 months and I am going to share the first piece of good news! After 4 amazing years at our Midview City showroom, the SLS team is ready for new adventures. The current showroom holds a lot of memories for many of us who have been part of the team. For me, moving into our own space was a significant moment as it showed the business have flourished. I recalled the many nights going through the floor plan, working on the interior design and we even cement screed our own concrete floor! It was not easy as our unit is almost 1500 sq ft. I believe it took us almost 5 weeknights to complete.


We also decided to create our own lighting. And this is the end result. We were and still are very proud of this!


Working on the interior of the showroom was probably my favourite part. Seeing your vision becoming reality has got to be the most fulfilling experience. And this is the result of months of planning.



So before we pack up for our new adventures, we decided that we will organise THE BIGGEST SALE EVER!

Moving Out Sale_revised (long)

We hope to see you this weekend. Party with us at Midview City one last time!

Keep dreaming,

Fiona, Founder



WAREHOUSE SALE: We Want Beautiful Shoes


WEARTO.COM is excited to invite you to join us at the WAREHOUSE SALE – We Want Beautiful Shoes this weekend from, 12-6pm. This is also the first time we are having more than ten brands at our event. This means more shoes for all ladies!

youalove small

Enjoy major discounts up to 80% off for shoe brands such as Irregular Choice, Poetic Licence, United Nude, French Sole, Lulu Guinness, Fabio Rusconi, R-me, Those Days and many more!

Come armed with your shopping bags and grab fast at our special $30, $50 and $80 corners before the items are all gone. There will also be a 20% discount on new arrivals from Irregular Choice.

Here are some sneak peeks for the party:

We will be opening our doors for anyone and everyone who loves beautiful shoes.


Date: 8 & 9 March 2014
Time: 12-6pm
Venue: 22 Sin Ming Lane #07-85 Midview City
Singapore 573969

Everyone’s invited. More shoes are coming into the warehouse today and tomorrow. We’ll be busy packing and uploading some of our fav from this sale!

The Xmas Edition: We Want Beautiful Shoes Party

We Want Beautiful Shoes Party, Xmas Edition 2013 is here!
Have a fresh shopping experience away from the hustle and bustle of town to get gifts for everyone — all found in the same place!
Christmas gift shopping is about pampering yourself and the people around you. Drop by the Surrealist Love Scene showroom this weekend to complete your shopping experience and do that last minute shopping for your loved ones. We’ve got something for yourself, your colleagues, your man and your family.
Here are brands you will find at the event:
1. Irregular Choice (UK)
2. 72smalldive (Milan)
3. Hansel (Singapore) *joining us for the first time!*
4. Saturday (Singapore)
5. Reckless Ericka (Singapore)
6. Those Days (Japan)
7. Les Floralies (New Zealand)
8. Poetic Licence (UK)
9. Etiquette Clothiers (New York)
10. Sunettes (Milan)
11. And other quirky surprises!We will start the season of giving by gifting our first 10 customers with a mystery Xmas present!

Event details can be found via FB link below:
See you this weekend!

WEARTO’s Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale

WEARTO.COM Black Fri & Cyber Mon 2013

It’s time to get some Christmas goodies for yourself, your family and your friends! As the holiday shopping season kicks off, WEARTO.COM is excited to hold our annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend sales from the 29th November to the 2nd December 2013.

With WEARTO’s best deals of the year, you can find selected styles at discounts of up to 70%.
Local customers continue to enjoy free shipping and international customers will pay a flat shipping fee of S$60.

WEARTO.COM customers can find curated brands such as Irregular Choice and Poetic Licence shoes from UK, 72smalldive bags and accessories, Sunettes sunglasses from Milan, Envoy Summer Men Shoes from Australia, Those Days rain pumps from Japan, Etiquette Clothiers from New York, Les Floralies paraben free bath and body products from New Zealand and SATURDAY apparel from Singapore.

Here’s a sneak peek on some beautiful discounted shoes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One time only. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get more updates of the sale!


Invitation: Every Saturday Can Be A Shoe Party!

Invitation to SLS Reopening


We love shoes. We love shopping. We love parties. So we’re having one every Saturday !For our WEARTO.COM friends who have been eyeing their favourite Irregular Choice shoes or 72 Smalldive cardholder, drop by the Surrealist Love Scene showroom at Midview City, to get the full experience of trying shoes, strutting in them and having some fun! Complete with some vinyl playing and comfortable sofas, join us this Saturday for a chill afternoon at SLS. We will be giving away something lovely for the first party-goer!

Time: 12-6pm

22 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City
Unit 07-85 Singapore 573969

The Underrated Character from The Great Gatsby

Mrytle Wilson:

“There was an immediately perceptible vitality about heras if the nerves of her body were continually smoldering.” Image

The Great Gatsby is undisputedly THE movie of the week. The Great Gatsby follows the story of the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his passion(or perhaps obsession) with Daisy Buchanan and we have to admit that we were so hooked throughout the show!

Nope, we’re not talking about suave appearances of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire nor was it the sappy love story that got to us, but instead, it was the colourful characters of the women who inspired us. With their loud and proud personalities, whether rich, fancy or poor, each made and captured the iconic fashion flavours of the 20s.

According to Catherine Martine, costume director of The Great Gatsby, fashion documented the 20s in perfect tunes with all the jazz and glamour. The Great Gatsby set out to be a reinterpretation of the era in a modern context (fashion telegraph), one in which the producers achieved successfully.


While the iconic chandelier dress by Prada was the highlight of all fashion enthusiasts, we still have our eyes settled on Mrytle Wilson’s style and personality.


Catherine Martin has done a great job in injecting the character’s personality into what they are wearing. Notice how the 20s era was all about flapper dresses and dropped waist silhouette? Mrytle Wilson was none of that! Bodycon dresses in a lava red colour scheme was the complementary look to her fiery red hair and personality.

While Daisy, as her name suggests, was wearing all things sweet, beautiful and pretty, Mrytle Wilson marched her own parade with her daring attitude and style without a care for the world. Recalling Mrytle’s tragic life story (and how it ended), we feel the need to give this woman a credit for her ‘against all odds’ flair and style.

Photo Credits:

Trend Spotting from WGSN: Spring/Summer 2014 Must-Haves


SLS at the trend forecast seminar for the 2014 spring/summer trends presented by Lornie Hall from WGSN

When WGSN held a seminar on the next 2014 spring/summer trend forecast, we had to be there to share the word. Known as the worldwide leader in fashion forecasts, WGSN has summoned Lornie Hall to give us the exclusive preview on what will we be expecting to see in our retail stores (or wardrobe!). Spread the word, and start sourcing for these upcoming trends in accessories!

Here we go:



You’ve seen it from the past season and yes, you got it right! Acid neon in clothes, necklaces, bags and especially shoes will be seen filling up the stores for the next spring summer collection. This time, the play of neon puts more focus on the heels. The more shock you can put on the heels, the better.


Opt for a towering strapped heel. Alexander Wang has done it and it is bound to be the next big thing you will spot on retail market and street.


This spring summer has its festive eye on greens. As trends evolve, the next spring summer will be presenting a range of blue-green color choices that we happily call, “seaweed green”. With a play of different tones, seaweed green will be an easy choice for the perfect handbag to suit the morning to afternoon agenda.

Talking about handbags, it is also time to drop the sling and clutch them up! You might have seen clutches parading the past seasons’ runways. The next season of spring summer is THE time to have your clutch on. While Celine took a leap forward with an irregular clutch (or Arm bag?)  that might look too avant garde for an everyday look, we suggest a petite luminous pastel handbags for a Parisian chic look, or a document sized clutch to fit all your smart gadgets in.



Don’t forget what F stands for in Fashion: FUN! More and more independent jewelery designers have been receiving media and international attention within the past years. From experimental pieces like Yazbukey’s huge pop art piece of Karl Lagerfeld’s face to Meadham Kirchoff’s floral tiara, nothing makes the perfect fashion statement more than an imaginative play of accessories. (P.S: Even our beloved Lanvin has a good sense of humour through their ‘help’ crystal pendant featured in last season’s collection)



Once you are on board with these trends, getting a few key pieces will be sufficient for the season! We hope you enjoyed what we share for today. Looking forward to share some more trends!


Photo Credits:

1) WGSN.tumblr.com
2) 72 Smalldive Slowboat Gabry: http://www.wearto.com/bags/tote-bags/sb-gabry-gg-forest.html
3) 72 Smalldive Portfolio Case Forest Green: http://www.wearto.com/accessories/technology.html

In love with: artisan jewellery@BLUEPRINT

Hand made with unusual technique and materials, we are loving the treasures at the BLUEPRINT Trade show.

Spotted : Marilyn Tan, Foreword label, and Saught presenting their creative contemplation of nature and their 2013 jewellery collections.



Marilyn Tan By Marilyn Tan 

Adept at creating contemporary jewellery and having honed her artisan skill for 20 years, Marilyn’s strong dedication and passion for jewellery is inspiring. The summer evening’s interplay of light was the main inspiration for this collection. We were intrigued by the dynamic structures of the jewellery which cast interesting shapes and shadows when under worn under the light. Using unusual and un-faceted stones and maintaining a polished and refined look is one of the many things one can only achieve from immaculate artisanship

gForeword by Foreword Labels accessories DECOR 1 (1)

foreword label

FOREWORD Labels By Evelyn Ng

A unique perspective from Evelyn Ng has turned ordinary hardware such as hex nuts and washers into statement pieces that are one of a kind! Marrying traditional material with rope knot techniques resulted in a staple collection that projects a spring/summer tribal mood with colourful bursts of dragonfly inspired hues.

dbca115cbde511e2a9ce22000a9e02ef_7 Freedom-BTS-screenshot1

SAUGHT – By Temasek Polytechnic Students & Cambodian Artisans

‘Saught’ which means peace and reconciliation’ has transformed unexploded land mines into artisan jewellery pieces as part of peace making efforts. The brand’s philosophy of building peace in post-conflict countries adds a deeper purpose and meaning to the accessory. Saught shows how simple and stylish designs can touch the heart and help improve lives at the same time. We suggest to wear Saught with a combination of leather or fabric bracelets.

What can we say? Meeting these designers and and listening to their stories at BLUEPRINT made us realize the amazing effort and value of an artisan jewelleries. Hats off to the designers!

Guide to Blueprint Emporium (Open to Public)

Fashion. Fashion. Fashion. It is all that is buzzing in Singapore this week! There’s simply too much to catch up on with all the fashion events going on. We’re attending the Blueprint Trade show and Emporium and it is more than enough to keep us excited.

Mark your calendar for the Blueprint Emporium event happening on the 18th -19th of May 2013. This massive shopping event will include regional and international brands that specially brought their exclusive and sometimes limited collections down to Blueprint Emporium.

First of all, here are the keywords: OPEN TO PUBLIC!

As we understand how this excitement may send you off flying around the Pit building for these two days retail therapy experience, here’s the ultimate guide to Blueprint Emporium.

STEP 1. Do Your Research, Spot your Favourites 

We’ve done ours and here is our top three picks:


45373_382364508537542_1623371490_n 544080_382364498537543_499653739_n

We can’t help but notice ASAMA’s wonderfully quirky scarves and handmade illustrations that are able to dress simple outfits with just the right amount of colour.

We love this Thailand brand as the scarves are made from 100% silk and are the perfect quirk mates for the Irregular Choice! We will wear them together for a complete head turning look.

(Credits: https://www.facebook.com/Asamascarf.shop/)




Singapore menswear label, WSDMS, which stands for both WISDOMS and ‘We seek for discernment’, has successfully established strong statements through the use of colorful suit & shorts.

A rather fun spin to the traditional menswear, we think these will add some fun and funk for the men.

(Credits: @WSDMS Instagram)

#3 Head of State millinery

head of state 2

When Chee Sau Fen, a self taught local designer decided to create an innovative design for the indigenous craft practice, Head of State millinery was born. Chee’s radical hat designs, which are made from sustainable material, are crafted with unusual techniques giving silhouettes, shape and form.

A perfect choice for those who dare to stand out from the crowd, we challenge you to put a smile on someone’s face by wearing these unique hat pieces.

(Credits: Head of State Millinery: https://www.facebook.com/HeadsofStateMillinery)

STEP 2: Navigate 

Here are the maps and layout for BLUEPRINT:

BP—Trade Floor Plan

Zone A sees established brands that are ready to export.

BP—Trade Floor Plan

BP—Trade Floor Plandirectory

(Credits: http://blueprint.sg)

Zones B and C are where emerging designers like Mash-up and MOSSTORIES have their booths set up. Zone B will be for the apparel and Zone C will be for the accessories (That’s where we will be!)

Here’s what will be available from 72Smalldive at Blueprint Emporium:

STEP 3: Getting there


Venue: Pit Building, Singapore

1) BY MRT:
Nearest MRT Station: Promenade Station (CC4),
Walk 7 minutes’ from Exit A of the train station to the Pit Building

2) BY BUS:
Bus services to Pit Building: 56, 75, 77, 97, 97E, 171, 195, 960, followed by a 4 minutes’ walk from Bus Stop B02099.
Night bus services are also available at the same bus stop – 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N and NR2.

3) BY CAR:
Pit Building is accessible via 2 major expressways: East Coast Expressway (ECP) and Central Expressway (CTE). There are prominent signages directing the way to Pit Building, which is located north of the Singapore Flyer.

Available car park locations are:

  1. Singapore Flyer
  2. Millenia Walk
  3. Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel
  4. Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel
  5. Conrad Centennial Singapore.



For more information, head on to http://blueprint.sg/

STEP 4: Payment Advice


As the credit card counters may be packed with people, it will be wise to bring cash for payment to avoid the long queues!

If you happen to pop by Blueprint, remember to say hi to us at 72Smalldive’s booth! (: We will be live-tweeting, live-instagramming and checking out all the different booths for all our lovely Scenesters who may not be there at the event. It’ll be one big fashion extravaganza!

For more sneak peeks as to what exclusive pieces 72Smalldive will be bringing to Blueprint, follow our Facebook Page here.

Exclusive Pick of The Week #46: SATURDAY SS13 & FW12

“Our body bends to a naturalized fathom, Arranged by a bouquet of black and gold”

SAT SS13 Slider

SATURDAY has arrived exclusively at WEARTO.COM with the Spring Summer 13 SATURDAY Metallic Jersey Drape Dress and Fall Winter 2012 Collection, Collapsible.

It’s no secret that we have always been in love with SATURDAY. With SATURDAY, it is all about being timeless. Good designs, translate style but great designs are simply the ones that can withstand the test of trends and whims.

The Fall Winter 12 Collection boasts soft silhouettes and intricate shapes that makes any outfit effortlessly sleek. Exploring with cutaway silhouettes, that are layered, occasionally crisscrossing and draping in flaps, design duo Nic Wong and Daniel Loh, creates pieces with movement and flexibility. We like how SATURDAY describes this collection as carefully arranged bouquet of moving structures and textures.

Here’s the SATURDAY FW12 Look book:


While we have a passion for fashion, style, like SATURDAY, should come with ease, transcend the test of time and say who you are. Like what Coco Chanel says, fashion fades, only style remains the same.