We Want Beautiful Shoes Warehouse + Sample Sale



After a two year hiatus, WE WANT BEAUTIFUL SHOES Warehouse + Sample sale is back with a big bang at our new space!
Up to 80% off across 9 brands which include Irregular Choice, United Nude, SATURDAY and many more.  There will be over 600 pairs of shoes, racks and racks of apparel.  We have also never seen before samples and limited edition shoes going on sale. Its go BIG or go home! Save the date and see you this weekend!

Date: 27-28 August (Sat & Sun)
Time: 11am – 6pm
Venue: 114 Lavender Street, #07-84, CT HUB 2, (S)338729
Tel: 6386 0920

All roads lead to Rome, we’ve prepared a map for you to get to our sale event.

Map-How to get to WWBS


We Want Beautiful Shoes – Moving Out Sale 2015

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I last blogged here. So many great things have happened over the last 6 months and I am going to share the first piece of good news! After 4 amazing years at our Midview City showroom, the SLS team is ready for new adventures. The current showroom holds a lot of memories for many of us who have been part of the team. For me, moving into our own space was a significant moment as it showed the business have flourished. I recalled the many nights going through the floor plan, working on the interior design and we even cement screed our own concrete floor! It was not easy as our unit is almost 1500 sq ft. I believe it took us almost 5 weeknights to complete.


We also decided to create our own lighting. And this is the end result. We were and still are very proud of this!


Working on the interior of the showroom was probably my favourite part. Seeing your vision becoming reality has got to be the most fulfilling experience. And this is the result of months of planning.



So before we pack up for our new adventures, we decided that we will organise THE BIGGEST SALE EVER!

Moving Out Sale_revised (long)

We hope to see you this weekend. Party with us at Midview City one last time!

Keep dreaming,

Fiona, Founder


Shop for your favourite Les Floralies brands with just a click

colour-light green

We never underestimate the convenience of the “click”, so we’ve recently partnered with Luxola to make your favourite Les Floralies brands available for sale through their portal!

Escape the crowd and long queues and shop for Earths Botanics, Matakana Valley and Great Barrier Island Bee Co. bath and body products together with Apothecary sniff boxes online on Luxola. Also look out for Luxola’s surprise flash sales to get the best deals for your favourite Les Floralies brands.

It’s okay to play favourites. We’re currently obsessed with the Hibiscus & Lime scent by Great Barrier Island Bee Co.!

We’d like to see your personal picks so upload your purchases with the following hashtags #LesFloralies, #EarthsBotanics, #MatakanaValley, #GreatBarrierIslandBeeCo or #SniffBoxes 😉

Introducing Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Island Flowers


Sweet, vibrant, fun and fresh.

From our best selling Great Barrier Island Bee Co. comes the Island Flowers bath and body range that’s bursting with new floral spring scents.

Harvested from the coastline of the Great Barrier Island in New Zealand, the Island Flowers range features scents of the island’s unique flowers Manuka, Pohutakawa, Kowhai and Hibiscus.

Scent Notes


Pohutukawa & Paw Paw

An uplifting scent reminiscent of berries inspired by the red Pohutukawa flowers that can be found along New Zealand’s coastline. The Pohutukawa tree is often dubbed New Zealand’s “Christmas tree” as its deep red flowers typically bloom around Christmas.

Hibiscus & Lime

This scent is inspired by, and uses a particular Hibiscus flower that can only be found on Great Barrier Island. The added lime ingredient adds a kick to zest up the combination.

Kowhai & Vanilla

Inspired by the sweet, honeysuckle scent of the hibiscus flower, this scent combination uses the delicate, long, tube-like yellow Kowhai flowers.

Island Flowers Group shot w flower

The Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Island Flowers range is available in Hand & Body Lotion, Bath & Shower Gel, Hand & Body Cream at Sephora, Robinsons, John Little, BHG and select Unity stores islandwide.

Irregular Choice SS14 Launch Party

Together with our friends at Soon Lee, we are having a launch party tomorrow for Irregular Choice SS14. Do drop by the shoe party as there will be a 15% off all new Irregular Choice styles. We will also be giving away yummy Macarons to our shoe shoppers. Don’t forget to look out for the $80 floor stacks too! So put your bf at home and gather your gfs now! See you tomorrow.

Love, SLS crew

Poster IC Ver-low



Invitation: Every Saturday Can Be A Shoe Party!

Invitation to SLS Reopening


We love shoes. We love shopping. We love parties. So we’re having one every Saturday !For our WEARTO.COM friends who have been eyeing their favourite Irregular Choice shoes or 72 Smalldive cardholder, drop by the Surrealist Love Scene showroom at Midview City, to get the full experience of trying shoes, strutting in them and having some fun! Complete with some vinyl playing and comfortable sofas, join us this Saturday for a chill afternoon at SLS. We will be giving away something lovely for the first party-goer!

Time: 12-6pm

22 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City
Unit 07-85 Singapore 573969

The Underrated Character from The Great Gatsby

Mrytle Wilson:

“There was an immediately perceptible vitality about heras if the nerves of her body were continually smoldering.” Image

The Great Gatsby is undisputedly THE movie of the week. The Great Gatsby follows the story of the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his passion(or perhaps obsession) with Daisy Buchanan and we have to admit that we were so hooked throughout the show!

Nope, we’re not talking about suave appearances of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire nor was it the sappy love story that got to us, but instead, it was the colourful characters of the women who inspired us. With their loud and proud personalities, whether rich, fancy or poor, each made and captured the iconic fashion flavours of the 20s.

According to Catherine Martine, costume director of The Great Gatsby, fashion documented the 20s in perfect tunes with all the jazz and glamour. The Great Gatsby set out to be a reinterpretation of the era in a modern context (fashion telegraph), one in which the producers achieved successfully.


While the iconic chandelier dress by Prada was the highlight of all fashion enthusiasts, we still have our eyes settled on Mrytle Wilson’s style and personality.


Catherine Martin has done a great job in injecting the character’s personality into what they are wearing. Notice how the 20s era was all about flapper dresses and dropped waist silhouette? Mrytle Wilson was none of that! Bodycon dresses in a lava red colour scheme was the complementary look to her fiery red hair and personality.

While Daisy, as her name suggests, was wearing all things sweet, beautiful and pretty, Mrytle Wilson marched her own parade with her daring attitude and style without a care for the world. Recalling Mrytle’s tragic life story (and how it ended), we feel the need to give this woman a credit for her ‘against all odds’ flair and style.

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