AFF: Ong Shunmugam Spring Summer 2013


By defying the fundamental rule of fashion regarding the changes in trend, Ong Shunmugam’s collection was the brand that stood out for us at the AFF scene. Using the traditional asian heritage as a source of her inspiration, her recent collection showed us how carefully crafted designs can be made beautifully.

For this spring summer, Priscilla Shunmugam, designer of Ong shunmugam  label dedicated her collection to old buildings in Singapore which have survived through the test of time. Celebrating her local heritage, the structured and tailored silhouette in her newest collection titled ‘Whenever I Fall at your Feet’ represents Shunmugam’s signature style of sartorial construction instead of fast fashion; a dedicated craftsmanship to translate Singapore’s architectural heritage as a form of fashion.


Supported by the National Heritage Board, Shunmugam’s traditional textile choices represent the Asian cultural influence she took as a reference within this collection. The Thai songket brocade, Indonesian batik, and other authentic fabrics that was beautifully crafted with one of the Shumugam’s recurring technique of ‘prints on prints’. This trait proved to become this collection’s game changer in traditional Asian fabric.


The direction of this season’s design deviates slightly from what Shunmugam’s usually has to offer. Known for her focus on reworking cheongsam and immaculate symmetrical fitted silhouette, this season’s silhouette explored more to asymmetrical cut detailing as well as angular edges that was executed in a refined finish. While this season’s collection might have steered away from the usual rework of cheongsam, it is still an embrace of Asian fashion heritage as a form of new work wears and evening wears in a more modern context.


Nothing stops Shunmugam’s dedication in celebrating Asian women’s legacy and cultural heritage, even when she has to translate her idea to the runway. Shunmugam is starting an initiative within her new shop to honour Asian women’s fashion. She will be constructing a wall of framed images showing how women from various eras were fast to conquer fashion that was ahead of their time.

Images of any orientation, old condition or vintage color treatment will be accepted. It’s time to dig up some old treasures that you can actually make use for! or post it to 16 Raffles Quay b1-36 Hong Leong Building Singapore 04581 by 30th May 2013.

Ong Shunmugam Autumn-Winter 2013 at Audi Fashion Festival 2013