In love with: artisan jewellery@BLUEPRINT

Hand made with unusual technique and materials, we are loving the treasures at the BLUEPRINT Trade show.

Spotted : Marilyn Tan, Foreword label, and Saught presenting their creative contemplation of nature and their 2013 jewellery collections.



Marilyn Tan By Marilyn Tan 

Adept at creating contemporary jewellery and having honed her artisan skill for 20 years, Marilyn’s strong dedication and passion for jewellery is inspiring. The summer evening’s interplay of light was the main inspiration for this collection. We were intrigued by the dynamic structures of the jewellery which cast interesting shapes and shadows when under worn under the light. Using unusual and un-faceted stones and maintaining a polished and refined look is one of the many things one can only achieve from immaculate artisanship

gForeword by Foreword Labels accessories DECOR 1 (1)

foreword label

FOREWORD Labels By Evelyn Ng

A unique perspective from Evelyn Ng has turned ordinary hardware such as hex nuts and washers into statement pieces that are one of a kind! Marrying traditional material with rope knot techniques resulted in a staple collection that projects a spring/summer tribal mood with colourful bursts of dragonfly inspired hues.

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SAUGHT – By Temasek Polytechnic Students & Cambodian Artisans

‘Saught’ which means peace and reconciliation’ has transformed unexploded land mines into artisan jewellery pieces as part of peace making efforts. The brand’s philosophy of building peace in post-conflict countries adds a deeper purpose and meaning to the accessory. Saught shows how simple and stylish designs can touch the heart and help improve lives at the same time. We suggest to wear Saught with a combination of leather or fabric bracelets.

What can we say? Meeting these designers and and listening to their stories at BLUEPRINT made us realize the amazing effort and value of an artisan jewelleries. Hats off to the designers!