BLUEPRINT Exclusive: 72Smalldive, 9 O’Clock Tales


We fell in love with 72 Smalldive as it was a refreshing change from the endless fast good merchandise that has come to dominate much of the industry.

72 Smalldive brings a little something different to the table where products are made with hand and felt with heart, so that an indefinitely lasting style will be conceived. If you love simple design that speaks volume, you’ll fall in love with 72smalldive, like we did.

Founded by Szetiong Soh in 2006, 72 Smalldive produces bespoke contemporary accessories, all products are handcrafted or produced by artisans. Using the expertise of six artisanal workshops in Milan, Italy, 72 Smalldive strives to seek a balance between the use of machinery and handcrafted skills in the production of its luxury items.

This year, 72Smalldive will be launching its new collection, 9 O’Clock Tales at Blueprint, Singapore.

Reinforcing its core belief of slow retail, 72 Smalldive would like to give customers classic products that are made organically with durability in mind.

9 O′ Clock Tales is a travel collective designed for work, business and casual travel. The quotidien document bag was created for the modern lifestyle in mind where one can easily to go from one place to another with ease and style.

Made from top grain calfskin leather, the quotidien document bag boasts strength and suppleness. Fine artisanal stitching adds the elegant accent to a simple bag.

From the bigger pieces like the travel weekender to the subtle sundry items, 9 O’ Clock Tales builds an elegant wardrobe of coordinated accessories for the consumer. In hope that owner will develop a lasting ‘relationship’ with the bag, 72 Smalldive creations are made to withstand the test of time in terms of style and durability.