WEARTO’s Pick Of The Week #35: Irregular Choice with the Little Black Dress

Many of our ladies often ask us how should Irregular Choice be worn. With such fabulously quirky statement pieces, the best way to wear Irregular Choice shoes is to go simple and let it be what it’s supposed to be, a statement piece. Irregular Choice works best with a dull wardrobe of blacks, whites and greys. Less is more so let the shoes shine and speak for themselves.

Jameela Jamil - Channel 4

Check out how Jameela Jamil works her pair of Irregular Choice. You only need a few good pair of shoes to stand out.

This week Rockhopper takes the limelight for being funky and comfy. Especially splendid for Chinese New Year visiting, these penguin-themed flats will be great conversation starters. By pairing it with a little black dress, it adds some zing to your entire outfit and makes it suitable for your workplace too.

We don’t like being tied down by the typical office wear so this is our way of expressing ourselves. Eye-catching but still keeping to the rules (:

how to wear dress

Other easy to wear and match shoes are Strife, Fresh Cut Grass and Pink Primrose as well!

Here’s where you can get them:

rockhopper pick of the week

Click here to check out Rockhopper!