WEARTO Pick Of The Week #32: Gift Wrapping Ideas & Festive Picks pt. 2


In our previous post, we recommended some great gifts that you can get for Christmas! To make it easy for you guys, we’ve consolidated a list of festive gifts for friends, family and relatives and some great gift-wrapping ideas.

From stylish gifts to family-friendly potluck items, we hope you will be able to find the perfect gift for Christmas for your loved ones and yourself.

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If you can’t decide which latest computer game to buy for your man, wallets, belts, socks and laptop/iPad covers cannot go wrong. (Plus: at least he will be wearing something you like!)forher

For the ladies, dainty leather belts are versatile and are great for complementing simple outfits. Irregular Choice shoes are naturally for your individualistic girlfriends. Leather name card holders are great gifts for your employees or colleagues as well. Add some fun to the wardrobe with quality socks made from the finest Italian combed cotton yarns.


We’ve been squealing about how cute these baby socks are for the past week. Etiquette Clothiers’ baby socks come in four styles; Sailor Boy, Sailor Girl, Vintage Boy and Vintage Girl. These are perfect for babies of 0 to 12 months.


Raincoat bags, Lennon-inspired Sunettes, Les Floralies Travel Pack and Jet lag sniff box pack are innovative and useful gifts which can be great for potluck dinner parties.


Les Floralies Xmas Gift Packs are safe presents which cannot go wrong. Bath and body products are always great for the family. These come in an organic and earthy packaging as well!

Festive Packaging

Here are some ideas for gift wrapping your presents as well! It’s amazing the type of creative packaging people can do with simple materials.


Idea from: Purlbee


Idea from: Christmasthings


Idea from: Printables

And finally, here is WEARTO’s take on Christmas! Feel free to let us know if you would like a personal message attached to your gift. We promise to wrap your gift with love.

festive gift

All local deliveries are free of charge with next-day delivery and international express delivery can be done for a flat rate of $20 (within 3-7 days).

Here’s to a joyful Christmas to all!



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