Pick Of The Week #24: Showering with Scents


Tangerines are: Great for eating, great for drinks and great for showering too!

We’re in love with the Les Floralies Tangerine and Ginger Bath + Shower Gel’s tangy fragrance as they’re the perfect perk-me-ups for all our sleepy mornings.

It gets as good as bathing with tangerines. Made with manuka honey, this bottle is packed with 100% Pure Essential Oils. It is parabens-free and gives that revitalising jolt we all need in our mornings.

We believe in treating our body and soul well and even if it’s for a moment, we’d like to indulge in the scents of nature.

Earths Botanics Tangerine and Ginger Bath + Shower Gel is currently available at WEARTO.COM. If you’d like to get whiff of this scent, hop down to Sephora, Tangs, John Little or Robinsons to find out why we’re in love.

Picture Credits: MochaCafe & PhantazMagoria


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