“I’d like to get you on a slow boat to China” was an old well-known idiom used among poker players, depicting a person who lost steadily and handsomely. With 72 Smalldive, we embark on a journey where time could be spent with one’s precious.

Inspired by the idiom, and in an earnest hope of creating a classic line that will continue to grow season after season, 72 Smalldive designer & artisans embarked on a slow boat cruise with this collection. Oblivious of time constraints, faltering fads, and worldly wants. A graceful and versatile line of tote bags.

Slowboat is a classic line of 72 Smalldive that features a collection of shopping totes and weekenders in varying genuine leather texture. The popular item Gabry is re-interpreted with Dollarino leather and in a reduced size.

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This model is perfect for the petite woman who likes her shopping tote light weight and stain resistant. The tote comes with a middle zip compartment to safe guard all valuables whilst maintaining that open shopper ‘look’.


This is our endeavour to affirm our commitment to create meaningful, humane, and long lasting products so that they may be passed down from generation to generation… Set sail with us

Slowboat is currently available on WEARTO.COM.