WEARTO.COM Pick Of The Week #12: The Travel-Friendly Sniff Boxes (GIVEAWAY)

These are the Apothecary Sniff Boxes as jet lag packs!

This unique product has been created to assist in providing aromatherapy solutions for today’s busy life styles. Each Sniff Box contains “Aroma Beads” which have been infused with a special aromatherapy blend. The unique essential oil blends created have been infused into the special “Aroma Beads” located in the base of the “sniff box”.

This is great for travel because it’s compact, so easy to use, personal and hygienic!

When you’re on a long flight and strapped to your uncomfortable seat, you’d want to sleep. Simply open the lid, place directly under the nose and take a few deep breaths to feel calm and relax.

The Sleep Sniff Box is a blend of Neroli, Lavender and Chamomile essential oils to soothe & comfort.

Alternatively, you can take a whiff of the Focus sniff box when you’ve touched down and is all ready to get the day started.

This is brilliant for energizing and perking up your senses for the important business meeting or crazy shopping trip.

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The Apothecary Sniff Boxes are currently available at all Sephora stores and WEARTO.COM 😉