Wearto.com celebrates My BFF: The journey, not the arrival, matters.

In celebration of National Best Friend Day which falls on the 8th of June, the WEARTO.COM team will be showing our besties some love for the whole month of June. This week, Fiona will be giving a shout-out to her best friend, Christina. Here goes:

Chris and I have known each other for 17 years.

Over the years, we’ve shared similarities and more importantly, differences.

Our differences made us realize how much we respected each other and this, keeps me very grounded.

I recall in my earlier years of setting up Surrealist Love Scene and wearto.com, she often have perspectives that I didn’t and that has helped me made very important decisions and they turned out to be the best decisions ever made. She believed, listened and stood by me, always. There were so many times when the road ahead seems tough, she is always there to give me a pat on the back, or ask me to slow down and let the mind rest before I decide what’s next.

And the many conversations we’ve had over whatsapp, I am inspired to publish a book in the future, titled, “The importance of randomness”.

Always out of the box, creative and funny, that’s who she is.
She has taught me to look at myself and others, simply for who they are. Never to over think, simply, act.

And she believes in the power of the universe!

And by the power of the universe, I’ll see you soon, Chris!

*Chris is currently studying in Fudan University in Shanghai, enjoying the journey…….