What You Missed at SLS Over The Weekend…

The Limited Edition Jewellery and Shoe Sale on 31st March 2012!

In collaboration with Choo Yilin and Shito, Surrealist Love Scene opened its doors for this event where shoe sample pieces were going on up to 70% discount, exclusive to SLS only. The gorgeous Shito shoes were going off at $49.90 and others were at a 50% discount rate. It was really hard to resist buying everything off the shelves, just look at these gorgeous shoes!

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We had such a good time chilling with the crowd but don’t feel sad that you missed out on this event!

We promise you that a new one is coming right up.


10 thoughts on “What You Missed at SLS Over The Weekend…

  1. Hi there,

    I think its “Trinkletina”, the RED one.

    I’m also keen in the below, do you have the pricing :

    1) Bolshy
    2) Patty
    3) Poetic License The Right Strip


    • We still have Trinkletina in the showroom and it’s your size as well. Going off at $100, it’s on sale here 🙂 Unfortunately, the rest are not available, they’re all out of stock

      • Do you know when is the other stock coming in? I’m keen in them too. Can you also check any of your stockist carries them?

        Can you tell me how to load the pic of Trinkletina? So to confirm we are referring to the same item. Before I make a trip down your showroom. Btw, what time does your showroom opens?


      • Good morning Jaz, the showroom is open every Saturday from 12-6pm. If you’d like you can pop by on a weekday but do call us to let us know first 🙂 Can I have your email? I can email you a picture of the shoe. What other stocks are you referring to? The new Spring Summer 12 Collection just arrived at our showroom. You will be able to view the full collection at our place 🙂

      • Hi,

        You can email me at jazreelchew@yahoo.com.sg

        I know you’re out of stock for the below, but am keen to know when the new stock coming. Or
        any of your stockist carries it? Do you have the shoes code?

        1) Bolshy
        2) Patty
        3) Poetic License The Right Strip

        PS. Do you have your new Spring Summer 12 Collection posted online? Website? What would
        be the price range?

        TIA for answering so many of my queries. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

      • Hello,

        No problem, we’re glad to be of help!
        Unfortunately, we won’t be bringing in anymore of those three styles.
        The new Irregular Choice Spring Summer Collection can be found here: http://www.wearto.com
        Prices range from around $200 onwards.

        Let us know if you need anything else, I’ll email you the photo in a bit

      • Thanks, we browse through your new arrivals.

        However, would you be able to assist in providing the code for the 3 items that i really like?
        So that I can check with your stockist. Or would you be able to source for me with your

        1) Bolshy
        2) Patty
        3) Poetic License The Right Strip

        Okie, will wait for your email pic to confirm is the same tinkletina we are referring to.
        Thanks again.

      • Hi Jaz, I just sent out an email to you with the picture of Trinkletina. We’ve checked with our stockists and these styles are no long available in any of the stores.

  2. Hi,

    I would like to know do you still have the irregular choice red ribbon flowery shoe available?
    Size 37. How much does it cost?

    Compare to your stockist, any price different between Mid View and the stockist?

    • Hi Jaz, thanks for your enquiry. Which shoe are you referring to ? Do you have a picture of it ? 🙂 The prices are the same at our showroom 🙂

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