Checkmarks – Back By Popular Demand

Checkmarks is now available at Isetan Scotts (Ladies shoes department), in the non split toes version.


10 thoughts on “Checkmarks – Back By Popular Demand

  1. Come on down Samantha!
    We are starting our Xmas sale today! 🙂
    15% discount on all shoes!
    Additional 10% on your second pair! 🙂


  2. Hi angela,
    You could check out IC in New York.
    The address is below:

    Irregular Choice New York Store
    276 Lafayette Street
    New York NY 10012 – USA
    Tel: +1-212-334-3404

    Enjoy your shopping!

  3. is there anywhere in new york or if not online where i can order them i really want to buy them im sorry for asking so many questions there just so pretty i would love to own them

  4. Hey Arien,

    These heels are about 2 inches…. 🙂
    Definitely not the highest we have at Irregular Choice! 🙂

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