Let’s Dance!

Remember the dude standing tall at the middle podium of Zouk dancefloor letting go his trademark mambo dance moves. Now you can do just that and be crowned the Mambo Kings and Queens. How fucking cool is that! Not to mention there are prizes to won from Sony Ericsson, Universal music, and of course cold hard CASH!
Think about it, when was the last time you guys went to Zouk’s Mambo Jambo night. This will be the right time to revisit the club legendary Mambo Jambo night. It’s been 16 glorious years already!
Anyone game enough can form a team and compete in the dance off! Auditions will be held today 24 June at 6pm.
Now, be part of history and see the first ever crowning of our very own Zouk’s Mambo King and Queen!
See you all on Wednesday, 9 July for the final dance off! Now pardon us las we need to practice all that classic Mambo moves. “Together forever and never apart…”