Terry Richardson x Vincent Gallo x Belvedere Vodka

We are back! Sorry for the lack of action these few days as you can see our eyes are glued to our LCD TV back home. All thanks to the Euro2008 Championship that’s on going right now. Sleepless nights here we come. I must say this year Spain, Portugal, Holland and the Germans are looking good. OK enough of football, some might say soccer, now back to something we at SLS love… V.O.D.fucking K.A!

Terry Richardson did a new campaign with Belvedere Vodka, featuring campaign stars Vincent Gallo and socialite + jewelry designer + model, Jade Jagger who is also Mick Jagger’s child. Check out all the pictures and videos of the whole campaign here at www.belvedere-vodka.com
Oh man, no wonder we were feeling a little thirsty while watching last night’s match where Portugal smashed Czech Republic. We need all that vodka redbull to keep us awake! Hmm, maybe the russians will win the cup if they were given vodka on the tap instead of water.


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