She Lost Control

Remember the film CONTROL that we blog about few months back? Hailed as “the best film of the year: a tender, bleakly funny and superbly acted biopic of Curtis” by The Guardian newspaper in 2007, it is directed by veteran music video director and photographer Anton Corbijn. The film focuses on the tumultuous last years of Curtis’ life before he committed suicide in 1980, shortly before the band was to depart for its first American tour, at the age of 23.

4 established local creative agencies, Asylum, Ffurious, Phunk Studios and Work each customised a Gibson Les Paul guitar in tribute of the post punk UK band Joy Division. The Les Paul guitars are up for bidding on ebay. Only residents in Singapore are eligible to bid on this particular auction. All proceeds will be donated to the appointed charity, Samaritans of Singapore (SOS).

Here are the masterpiece.


:Phunk Studio



We really love the :Phunk Studio and fFurious designs.

:Phunk inspiration was based on the song ‘Transmission’ by Joy Division, of course. That track was released on Factory Records on Nov 1979 and it was this song which brought on an epileptic attack on Ian Curtis while performing on stage. That image was consider a very important scene in the history of the band. ‘Transmission’ is one of the best indie anthems ever!

fFurious inspiration was based on the dark era when Joy Division was formed back in the late 70s. Grey monotonous architecture, gloomy and doom Manchester. Quoting from ‘Shadowplay’, “To the centre of the city where all roads meet, waiting for you. In a room without window in the corner I found truth. In the shadowplay, acting out your own death, knowing no more.” Brilliant right?