An Ode To Agyness

i-D magazine dedicated the whole magazine (plus 6 different covers!) to “It” girl, Agyness Deyn.
This is also not my first entry dedicated to her. Just as many love her for her personality and effortless style, I simply love her for being British. There is something about her that screams old school british charm, coupled with a rock and roll attitude and a whole lot of style! I can’t explain it but I believe the poem below, written by Henry Holland (Yes, the guy who brought you House of Holland), to Aggy, says it all.

An Ode To Agyness by Henry Holland
We met back home down the Burnley Road,
I was quiff, hoodie and that skateboard I rode,
You were bob, braces and legs to your pits,
Smokin’ a fag on that wall where you’d sit.

13 we say but not sure if it’s true,
Remember going to Asda, finding pictures of you,
Bliss magazine wher we both started babe,
You grabbing that flip flop, me writing the page.

Off came the hair on your head and your brows,
Got yerself a job down the chippy-scruffy cow,
Friday I’d come you’d serve me me tea,
“Woman in a tabard” I’d shout like a banshee.

Got us our cars and no stopping us then,
I’d be at yours until that rabbit killed me again,
Seriously babe I think I could have died,
You laughed so hard, left me wheezing outside!

You, me and Jess the right royal three,
Lording it up Sticky’s and the odd shopping spree,
We’d wait for you down the Wine Lodge for Ninos to close,
Brought you a “bockle” and a quick change of clothes.

I pissed off to London to get a degree,
You were up the Bluenote getting messy,
Before long you followed, moved in up the road,
Trotted around castings on that bike that you rode.

Got jobs together down the local dive,
Necking free drinks and doing a jive,
Wasn’t too long before we got sacked,
They did us a favour babe – absolute fact.

Next step I suppose in our marriage of life,
Was buying our home to make you a whife,
Shame I’m a poof and don’t play the guitar,
Those two things combined stop it going to far!

What more can I say little Aggy Wag,
I love you to bits you silly old hag,
Don’t you forget that we go way back,
Get too big for your boots and I’ll give you a whack!

 agyness deyn id cover

(Images taken from becauseimaddicted)