Showing A Piece Of Yourself

Woke up early this morning to prepare for an interview with Catalog magazine later.
While I am not the one being interviewed, I had to ensure that all the preparation are done as part of marketing and PR effort.
Had a word with the duo behind Iggy Neon and they will be in their full gear later!
What exactly is their full gear? Look for the next issue of Catalog Magazine. 🙂

The idea of the full gear also came into my mind when I was surfing the net and came across Childhood Flames.
In her blog, she is always effortlessly put together, in her own gear.
I noticed that this is a trend in blogging in general.
Showing a piece of yourself can be a challenge. Childhood Flames makes the challenge looks so easy. A natural talent in putting her style and look together. I guess the reason why I enjoy her blog is how she makes it look effortless and not trying too hard. With just lovely pictures of herself and nothing else that’s too airy fairy fashion news, she makes me wanna watch her space.
Here are some inspiring shots of her. Well done girl. Refreshing.


2 thoughts on “Showing A Piece Of Yourself

  1. Hi Sof,

    Yeah we can’t for the article to be out! We hope to do some girls tees as well. Hopefully with enough support, we will be able to do it.
    Really nice to hear from friends like you that appreciate our kind of design for Iggy Neon.
    Fucking hell you guys are for real!

    Shameless, Iggy Neon

  2. Interested to see who are the people behind Iggy Neon.
    I’ll be looking out for next issue of Catalog.
    Guys, do some stuff for us girls.
    We dig your stuff!

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