Night of Mayhem

Horse The Band gig last night was nothing short of energy! The moment HTB guitarist David Isen started playing the first riff, the stage front transformed right away into a mosh pit frenzy. Kids invading the stage, stage diving almost every few mins! Moshing, body surfing, a rare sight at HOME club for quite awhile. HTB frontman, Nathan Winneke even smack some mosher ass while they were being body surfed! It was chaotic but it was all clean fun. Erik Engstrom, the synth/keyboard player for HTB was hopping like an over excited bunny while whacking the keyboard as if he was slamming some pizza dough! Nathan worked the crowd effortlessly, apparently the Singapore crowd were the best they ever had! Nathan even commented that we were 100 times better than the Hong Kong crowd, obviously the crowd roared with approval. Halfway through the set, the over hyper crowd ended the show early! Some kid accidentally knocked down the keyboard while trying to stage dive! Next thing we knew the keyboard went dead! For your info, that keyboard that Erik was using, courtesy from another band playing earlier on. And that’s one main instrument that HTB can’t do without. We came, the kids came, the mosh pit was hell, bodies flying everywhere, the kids had fun, HTB didn’t failed us, the keyboard did. The set ended early but the night didn’t, we managed to have a chat with the band outside, thanks to Sylvia and HOME Club for arranging this. Nathan promised to come back to Singapore and play for 3hrs the next time, he will kill himself if he didn’t. They even caught the kid that spoilt the night for everyone. This gig will go down in HOME Club history as the best ever! Pure rock n roll moment (To: Stick To Fashion. It’s a description, a feeling, an emotion. Not a musical genre used here. They do have metal influences in their music, but it’s not pure metal, it’s Nintendocore, or a more generic term to you, it’s metalcore. Thank you for pointing out the typo on Erik’s name. Thank you for reading).
Here’s some pics from last night gig.


4 thoughts on “Night of Mayhem

  1. brilliant, spotted the typo.
    bright kid, top of the class, A star, excellent time,
    wonder hours, super flava, hip hip hooray…

  2. who’s the kid who caused the destruction of the keyboard, did you get his/her name? i think the world wants some blood spilled.

  3. it’s erik, not erick.
    H The B are not even rock ‘n roll..they are metal

    stop writing about music if you are so misinformed

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