STOP SLAVERY charity gig

Let’s side track away from fashion. Enough of that for the past few days. 🙂
In aid of The River Kids Project, Propaganda Machine and Riverkids Project will be putting up a show to raise funds and awareness about child slavery in Cambodia.
In Cambodia, children are sold as debt salves, domestic drudges, illegal adoptions, cheap labour and child prostitutes. I know it’s tough to stop all activities as it is not within our control. What Riverkids Project aims to do it’s to stop child trafficking before it can even start. And the local music scene here are doing their part to raise some funds in order for a charitable organization like Riverkids Project to help and educate families in Cambodia. Working directly with them inside the slums and offer individual support for each child’s particular risks and needs.
Having said all the serious issues. The show showcase some of the best in our music scene, Overthrown (Lion City Hardcore), The Jabs (Lion City Hardcore), Force Vomit (Surf punk), Ossuary (Legendary metal band), Johnny Shameless And His Minions (Scum Rock). Also on the bill, our friends from Thailand, Tender Preys (Rock n Roll).
Come down and do your bit if you can. It’s not much but at least someone is doing something about the cause.
Sunday 20th April, The Arts House – Playden. Doors open at 2pm sharp. Tickets SG$8 at the door.