The Two Of Us

What a busy day we had! Our Kate Loves Heels Tea Party turnout was awesome. Was so busy that we didn’t even have time to take any pictures! Thanks for all those who turned up and braved the wet weather. Hope you ladies got what you came for 🙂 Hope that made up for it, oh not to mention the yummy donuts we had! And for all those who couldn’t make it, we could only say it’s a pity as we do not do repeat orders for the shoes. Each collection of Irregular Choice is ordered 6 months in advance. And for all those who couldn’t go to the nearest ATM to draw cash for their shoes due to the rainy weather, our apologies. But do come back and get your shoes if you can, and remember to draw cash first 🙂
The night ended with a nice meal of Bak Kut Teh, and guess what we stumble upon when we walked past HOME club! A beautiful sweet little ceremony of two individuals’ life long commitment to each other. How brave is that, look at the balloon and you will know what we mean. So sweet, so love, so unbelievable beautiful. We heart. We at SLS wishing P & H a blissful togetherness 🙂 We feel the love baby!