Start Branding Yourself Today

I met up with some school mates recently. The usual topics of our conversation went from how great (or awful) you look, where you are working now to are you married. If I may be honest, I was bored until I thought to myself. Does all these questions matter? The point is, I was thinking of the phrase “personal branding”. Some people came to my mind.

Fashion Darlings, Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood.
Karl Lagerfeld 1
karl 2John 1
john2VW 1
VW 2

Pop icon Madonna and Indie god Morrissey.
M 1M 2
indie god 1
indie god 2
indie god 3

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and Host Oprah Winfrey.
sjP 2SJP 1
OW 1
OW 2

Business guru Donald Trump and Richard Branson of the Virgin empire.
DT 1DT 2
RB 1

What do they have in common? Wealth and Fame through constant and consistent branding of oneself. Period.So go ahead, find your passion, make it your own and stick to your guts.Brand yourself. Make it a daily process. You’ll get there faster than you think.

(Photos from various internet sources)