My Plain White Tee

My plain white tee is not that plain or white after all.
I like how my tees bring me from a corporate meeting with business associates to partying at the VERY POKED party at Zouk!
I know my love for tees is shared by many others. Check them out! I am SOOO inspired!

A printed tee together with a fitted jacket! DOPE!
Tee 1

tee 2
tee 3

Layer your tees! Keep you warm and look stylish at the same time!
tee 4

My favourite tee at the moment, Iggy Neon!
tee 6
Check out Iggy Neon collection here.

(Photos courtesy of The Sartorialist,


2 thoughts on “My Plain White Tee

  1. Hi Joanna,

    I thought so too!
    That blue cost is brilliant! I would not have not thought that would work so well!

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