Shoe Shoe Shoes!

Revealing two more SS08 Irregular Choice shoe designs. Now admire and appreciate her slowly. Next, come down to our store, bring her home and adore her.

Ooh Buckle

Sparkle Hard


7 thoughts on “Shoe Shoe Shoes!

  1. hi Dressy, Yes we still have that shoe with buckle, Ooh Buckle. Glad you love these shoes! Come by our store and give it a try рџ™‚

  2. i love the pair with the buckle….do you still have stock available? I saw another design in black and white. Heels with a big button or sthg…very nice!!!

  3. Dear Ayako,

    I can’t remember the price, but i can give u a range this collection. It’s about S$130-S$190. Sparkle Hard should fall in the middle, about S$140 or S$150. Come by the shop and check it out рџ™‚

    Here’s our opening hours:
    Thur & fri from 7pm-9pm.
    Sat and Sun from 3pm-8pm.


  4. Hey babe!
    take a pic the next time u wear them and email us?
    We wanna post it on our blog!

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