Fashion Is For Fashion People, Bangkok Style Vol. 3!

In Vol.3 of this blog entry, we are bringing you some creative (not necessary wearable) fashion, rocking Bangkok fashion scene.  One of such creative designer is Plastictroopers. Gene Futon from Futon opened the show for them and wore one of their creative pieces.
It was Fashion meet S&M! Who said Fashion got to safe and wearable? We should have some fun, somehow!

Gene Futon, caged up in a loft, starting the Fashion Show.
gene caged up

Gene Futon, performing on the runway. Check out the green neon balloon standees that form the runway! Electro!
plastictroopers 1
plastictroopers 2
plastictroopers 3
plastictroopers 4
plastictroopers 5

Plastictroopers Fashion Show
plastictroopers 6
plastictroopers 7
plastictroopers 8
plastictroopers 9
plastictroopers 10
plastictroopers 11
plastictroopers 12

More of Gene Futon, with Oh Futon!
gene futon 2
gene futon 1