Fashion Is For Fashion People, Bangkok Style Vol. 2!

I have dedicated this blog entry to this hot indie darling below.
Her 60s inspired granny get up caught my eye right away in the crowded club and I told myself I have to snap pictures of her! Not gonna miss this one.

I went up to her, introduced myself and asked for her name and where she got her outfit.
Word has it that the dress she has on is a sample piece of a Bangkok designer, Munchus.
That dress will hit Munchus store soon.
Please pardon me for my bad photography skill, point and shoot definitely my trademark. Her head was chopped off cos it was way too crowded in the club! And someone spill drinks on my Irregular Choice boots when I was snapping the picture.
But it was worth it! Thank god my precious pair of Irregular Choice wasn’t destroy at all. Just a simple wipe and I’m all ready to party again!
She’s quite an indie darling. You know I love indie darlings.


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