This Is For Kimmi

Hi Kimmi, this blog entry is for you. You came by Surrealist Love Scene (SLS) the other day and commented on the jacket I was wearing. You had these questions for me and many of your questions, I thought, would be what other women had in their minds too! I did some research (well, not much really cos I have always been a fan of jackets and also own many!) and here you go:

Kimmi: Hey babe! That’s a lovely trench jacket! What do you match it with?
SLS: Thanks! Trench coats work well with dresses! Especially with a dress thats about the same length (can be slighter shorter or longer) than the trench coat. If the weather is a little chill, skinny jeans and pants work well too! If not, just the dress and nicely shaven legs!
coat 2
coat 10

Kimmi: Trench? Hmm maybe not for Singapore weather…..other suggestions?
SLS: Fitted coats work just as well (Think stylish fitted coats, NOT OL jackets please!). Coats like those in the pictures below will be great for ladies who work in air conditioned office whole day. A well fitted coat will ensure that you look chic and at the same time, keep you warm.
coat 4
coats 1

Kimmi: Can I make do with just one jacket or coat?
SLS: Of course NOT! Just like shoes, you NEED more than one! If you really only want to invest in ONE jacket….think CHANEL (please refer to my previous entry). Or else, here’s how you can make that one coat work for you!
coat 5
Coat 6
coat 7

Finally, if you already own many jackets just like me, THINK COLOURS for your next one!
coat 8
coat 9
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P/S: The suggestions above are purely based on SLS’s personal point of view. So use with discretion!