In The Year 2007

2007 has been an eventful year for us at Surrealist Love Scene. As we plan for the year end sale this weekend, we thought we’ll spend some time to recap the highlight of 2007.In 2006, an opportunity came for us to be the agent for Irregular Choice, a funky UK shoe label.  We grabbed it after meeting up with the Irregular Choice team. When we said, “I Do”, to Irregular Choice, we had no retail space. We only had shoes and mind you, DAMN cool shoes.  Looking for a suitable retail space was not an easy task, with limited time and the shoes reaching our shores, we had to think fast!  As agents, we decided to look for suitable partners to represent the shoes in Singapore. We met a few multi-label boutiques owners.  Most felt the shoes were too “hip” for Singaporeans. We were amused.  Since these so-called fashionable multi-label boutiques had a different vision as us, we decided to do it ourselves! Hence the birth of Surrealist Love Scene!  No big story behind the name! We just liked the sound of it. In Feb 2007, Surrealist Love Scene found home at a second storey shophouse at Boat Quay. We are the first multi-label boutique to be located at Boat Quay, amongst the row of pubs and seafood restaurants. We feel so at home mostly because of the alcohol! Ha! Being at home is not enough for us, we wanted our customers to feel at home.  We want customers to see our shoes anytime they wanted to, they just have to give us a call to make an appointment!  Our phones rang non stop after many fashion magazines and papers wrote about us! It reached a point where we had appointments filled the whole day and we decided to have regular yet irregular opening hours! We then went on to acquire two other brands, Hellz Bellz and Rotter and Friends. Both with very different design philosphy, we loved them nonetheless! Our customers surely dig these two labels!The next milestone is the birth of Iggy Neon. A collaboration between Johnny Shameless and Kimotherapy of Johnny Shameless and His Minions. Sick and tired of the current shitty colourful neon colours of The New Wave scene in Singapore. This No Wave inspired guy tees sure scared the shit out of our customers! Some loved it, other don’t. Surrealist Love Scene had no intentions to please at all. We are not whores, mind you. Considering every individual piece of the tee are screen pritned by hand. We had to painstakingly hand print a second batch for our first collection, we know you lurrrvveee Iggy Neon and it was all worth it!We held and also participated in some of the hottest events in town. We had two tea parties this year, one to showcase Spring/Summer 08 Irregular Choice and one Christmas Party lately. We saw many new faces and we know we got you converted to a Surrealist Love Scene fan. It was HELL at fashbash! Not that it sucked, but we had too many shoes! Logistics was HELL! But hey, we survived! We had a rocking good time!Come 2008, expect more exciting events and brands from Surrealist Love Scene.How was your 2007? How will your 2008 be like? Think about it.  Happy Holidays! Keep it real!