Sole Obsession BBQ

b121657801.jpgCome join us at Haji Lane on 16 Dec at Haji Lane. Sole Obsession will be hosting a BBQ party! Iggy Neon tees will specially travel all the way to Haji Lane for you guys only! So we hope to see all of you there.We will also be showcasing a few pieces of our artwork on canvases on the upper floor of Know It Nothing.This relack jack BBQ will not happen without the support of these guys, Know It Nothing, Niche, Machine, Lazy, Killer Gerbil, Phu!, Visual Terrorist, Sup, Geseho and Streething.bbqtee1.jpgbbqtee2.jpgSole Obsession will also be selling a limited tee, 30 pieces only, at S$40 each.And don’t forget to BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE!Yum Seng!