Surrealist Love Scene – The New Fashion Editor?

Well that’s what Angelia Teo reports in Harper’s Bazaar (Singapore) September issue. 
Thanks Angelia! You rock!

Surrealist Love Scene has been listed as one of Singapore’s Hottest Fashion Blog!

While I do not see us as Fashion Editors, I’ll love to think that we put our own twists to the term Fashion and Music. 

Fashion and Music, inspire us to do what we do, at Surrealist Love Scene. So to all fashion and music lovers out there… this space for more!


4 thoughts on “Surrealist Love Scene – The New Fashion Editor?

  1. You surprised us really!
    I was at Borders this evening..and I came across this article in Harper’s Bazaar!
    I was so stoked! Ha!
    Thank you so much!

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