“Somewhere along the way it became a whiny suburban, co-opted piece of crap typified by bands like Thrice,Thursday, Good Charlotte and a bunch of other cornballs that forgot about the core and just remembered the emo.” – Ian Mckaye, Fugazi

These were the bands that started it all! Hardcore Punk. The real emocore! Bad Brains, Minor threat, 7 Seconds, Black Flag.

Fugazi first came to Singapore to play a gig at our neighourhood community centre. If I remember correctly the venue was Bukit Batok Community Centre. That was about more than 10 years ago, they were one of the first major hardcore band that step into Singapore. They came back again few years later and played at the legendary Fire Disco. I remembered after the show we were so lucky to bum into the band in the lift. They were pushing their gear into lift all by themselves, no roadie, no crew. It was all DIY. This is punk rock! Hope they will come back again and we can all shout along “1 2 3 Repeater!”