So camera shy! We were on Channel U, ON THE BEAT!

SLS Shop pic

They lurrrrve Irregular Choice! They came, they filmed and they walked away with lovely shoes!

“On the Beat” producers  from Channel U came by a month ago and the segment went on air 3rd July, 8.30pm.  For those of you who saw, they made Irregular Choice shoes looked soooooo good  (they are real darn good as it is!)!  For those of you who did not, call us at 9853 2896 to see the shoes!  Not to mention we have in the store, Hellz Bellz and Rotter and Friends, all hail from New York!

Shortly after, we’ve got calls asking where they can find the shoes! Ha!

The power of TELEVISION!

Oh by the way, we accept cash or credit card! 🙂